Why Are Cool Video Games About Wars and Not About Education?

If video games are meant to teach us something, why are they not about education or war? Despite their popularity, we do not see many educational games in the video game stores. We have become conditioned to play games that depict violence and death, but we rarely see games with an educational message. Video games are the next generation of war propaganda, say professors Ed Halter and David Leonard. newstribune They say that while many games mimic real life scenarios, the game’s design can do more harm than good. For example, if a video game simulates combat, it needs to involve experts to make sure it is not too graphically violent.

While war is often portrayed as an innocuous, distant event, and not relevant to education, wars can be viewed from many perspectives, and it is difficult to put the whole picture into simple good and bad labels. For this reason, dailybulletin developers and publishers should think about how they present war to educate people about different cultures. By creating more realistic games, consumers will also feel more comfortable with war.

The military-entertainment complex encourages soldiers to go to war and treats them poorly when they return. This system is also the cause of many problems in modern society. For example, the military is often a forerunner of technological innovation in the society. dailybase The military is the leading innovator of unique education methods, such as the development of microwave ovens, GPS, jet engines, and standardized testing. Because of this, modern wars have a high demand for cognitive dexterity networthexposed.

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