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What Is the Fate of Advanced Promoting?

Under the new policy, a commander can be notified with up to three- to four-days’ advance notice when a staff sergeant’s promotion results are ready. This allows the squadron commander to plan for upcoming milestones and evaluate the campaign’s value before it is presented to customers. The advanced promoting process has been enhanced with advanced forecasting technology and is becoming more efficient across the force. Visit this website click here touch here and also visit and read more about

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An E-2 with a four-year contract will be promoted slower in the short- and long-term. The reason for this is that he will only spend six months in the service before reaching E-3 status. Then, he will need 28 months of Time in Grade before he can get promoted. And the same applies to an E-4 with a four-year contract who must have 36 months of Time in Service with 20-months Time in Grade.

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In terms of advanced promoting, the Air Force uses repeated early promotions heavily to fast-track pilots. But this strategy has disadvantages as it tends to favor airmen with management skills and greener traits. The policy also discourages advanced promotions for airmen with little or no experience. It’s best to avoid this practice and keep your eyes on the future. However, the Air Force is attempting to find a solution to the long-term issue of rapid advancement.Click here:

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